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ICED EARTH – Plagues Of Babylon - CD+DVD


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ICED EARTH – Plagues Of Babylon - CD+DVD

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Century Media – 9983620
CD, Album
DVD, DVD-Video
All Media, Limited Edition, Mediabook
6 ene 2014
Power Metal, Thrash

CD-1 Plagues Of Babylon 7:49
CD-2 Democide 5:22
CD-3 The Culling 4:26
CD-4 Among The Living Dead 5:14
CD-5 Resistance 4:59
CD-6 The End? 7:14
CD-7 If I Could See You 3:57
CD-8 Cthulhu 6:05
CD-9 Peacemaker 5:02
CD-10 Parasite 3:30
CD-11 Spirit Of The Times 5:06
CD-12 Highwayman 3:14
CD-13 (Untitled) 0:25
Part I: Documentary:
Plagues Of Babylon - Making Of (53:06)
DVD-1.1 Songwriting
DVD-1.2 Planning The Plague
DVD-1.3 The Album Concept
DVD-1.4 Recording Session
DVD-1.5 Beyond The Plague
DVD-1.6 Mixing: Taming The Beast
DVD-1.7 Artwork: Visualizing The Horror
DVD-1.8 Mastering
DVD-1.9 The End?
Part II: Plagues Of Babylon 5.1 Surround Mix Version
DVD-2.1 Plagues Of Babylon 8:13
DVD-2.2 Democide 5:22
DVD-2.3 The Culling 4:27
DVD-2.4 Among The Living Dead 5:36
DVD-2.5 Resistance 4:59
DVD-2.6 The End? 7:13
Part III: Full Album In Two Alternatively Mastered Versions
· "Vinyl" Master - No Limiting
DVD-3.1 Plagues Of Babylon ("Vinyl" Master) 7:47
DVD-3.2 Democide ("Vinyl" Master) 5:22
DVD-3.3 The Culling ("Vinyl" Master) 4:27
DVD-3.4 Among The Living Dead ("Vinyl" Master) 5:14
DVD-3.5 Resistance ("Vinyl" Master) 5:00
DVD-3.6 The End? ("Vinyl" Master) 7:13
DVD-3.7 If I Could See You ("Vinyl" Master) 3:56
DVD-3.8 Cthulhu ("Vinyl" Master) 6:04
DVD-3.9 Peacemaker ("Vinyl" Master) 5:03
DVD-3.10 Parasite ("Vinyl" Master) 3:30
DVD-3.11 Spirit Of The Times ("Vinyl" Master) 5:05
DVD-3.12 Highwayman ("Vinyl" Master) 3:13
· "Digital" Master - Competitive Limiting
DVD-3.13 Plagues Of Babylon ("Digital" Master) 7:47
DVD-3.14 Democide ("Digital" Master) 5:22
DVD-3.15 The Culling ("Digital" Master) 4:27
DVD-3.16 Among The Living Dead ("Digital" Master) 5:14
DVD-3.17 Resistance ("Digital" Master) 5:00
DVD-3.18 The End? ("Digital" Master) 7:13
DVD-3.19 If I Could See You ("Digital" Master) 3:56
DVD-3.20 Cthulhu ("Digital" Master) 6:04
DVD-3.21 Peacemaker ("Digital" Master) 5:03
DVD-3.22 Parasite ("Digital" Master) 3:30
DVD-3.23 Spirit Of The Times ("Digital" Master) 5:05
DVD-3.24 Highwayman ("Digital" Master) 3:13
Part IV: Bonus Features
DVD-4.1 Jon & Troy: Guitars & Equipment 10:32
DVD-4.2 Writing & Recording Guitar Solos 6:17
DVD-4.3 Jon & Hansi Kürsch 3:33