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SOWETO - South West Town - LP


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SOWETO - South West Town - LP

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They were not born in Kingston and did not study at Alpha Boys School. They have never stepped into Federal Studios or performed in the Ward Theatre, but through their veins runs blood charged with ackee & saltfish and the sounds of 60’s Jamaica flow into their ears. The long awaited second album of SOWETO was released last 28th April Brixton Records (soon also in vinyl).

“South West Town” is a record that proves again the true passion SOWETO feels for Jamaican ska. The devotion can be sensed in all details that create a sound that brings you to the purist, traditional and jazz style of the classics. “South West Town” has the original sound but with own penned tracks that could have been composed in a Trenchtown yard in the early 60’s. Just one honourable exception, the guest appearance of Derrick Morgan one of the brightest living stars of Jamaican music. The Barcelonan band delivers 12 new tracks that will make you dance, vibrate and dream from the first note.